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Veuillez trouver ci-joint un aperçu sur certains projets et missions que nous avons accomplies ces dernières années. Bien sûr, cet aperçu fournit seulement une vue globale sur certaines de nos réalisations. En conséquence, nous serions heureux de clarifier nos compétences clés et nos qualifications à travers d’un entretien personnel avec vous. Tous ces projets ont été réalisés par notre Managing Director, Pascal Clinckaert. Nous vous invitons de nous contacter en envoyant votre message à ou en nous appelant sur notre numéro mobile 32 475 37 39 24.

Assignment as Managing Director for a European oriented Services Company.
Midterm project

  • Execute Managing Director function for European focused company. Project has to be seen as a next step after the CFO function executed before. Function focused on the “operational” leadership to be provided to the company and its people, complementary to the CEO position focusing on some long term and strategic files.
  • Establish complete turnaround on stock management area being one of the service offerings provided by the company to the clients. Stock value reduced by 35 % driven by multiple actions at client side as well as internally. People brought in place and fully empowered to maintain focus and dedication on this critical stock ownership area for the company and its clients.
  • Implementation of needed organizational change was done to grow the accountability of people and the empowerment of some key people within the organization. Development of long term value for money via continuous guidance and coaching internal people of our client.
  • Assignment covered a 12 months’ timeframe to implement some critical changes including the handover of the full accountability MD function back to CEO of the company at the end. Professional exit executed as initially foreseen December 2010.
  • Long term value creation part of next steps in collaboration model between client & CMC 

 Setting up a professional Finance Organization for a European oriented Services Company.
Long term project

  • Establish complete turnaround within traditional accounting domain. Formal monthly closing process introduced covering 7 European countries within strict deadlines and including monthly Management Reporting for Management Team. Turnaround completed within 12 months timeframe via coaching & development existing resources. Reduction external accounting cost via full in sourcing activities.
  • Select a preferred financial institution to support the future growth of the company. Potential candidates were invited to participate, negotiations were set up & concluded successfully, full transparency within selection process to facilitate final GO / NO GO decision & finally the operational migration to new selected party. Six months timeframe for the whole process. Smooth implementation due to internal governance & professionalism involved people. Five mio EURO credit line brought in place via asset based financing mechanism.
  • Full centralization of all finance functions (accounts payable & accounts receivable) to exploit scale effects and facilitate standardization. Move from country approach towards centralized activity at headquarters.
  • Act as major catalyst for needed changes within the organization. Governance model changed.
  • Develop long term value for money via continuous development & coaching of internal people of customer.
  • Full time Finance Manager brought on board end 2009 followed by professional out phasing CMC December 2009.

Management buyout transaction within a "construction" company. 
Short term project 

  • Counseling & interaction with existing Management Team within the scope of potential "Management Buyout".
  • High level follow up & advisory project on preparatory work, closing of the transaction and follow up of the execution afterwards.
  • Transaction realized in a 3 months' timeframe covering full scope as described above.

Set up performance measurement tool for a public services company
Short term project

  • Setting up of a dash board with a limited number of key performance indicators providing a clear and transparent view on the efficiency of service delivery.
  • Tracking the respect for the approved budget of the services company, eg. Euro’s, FTE or the means provided though the approved budget. 
  • Tracking the operational performance indicators and results or the output delivery of the organization.
  • Matching the financial and operational performance KPI's.
  • Tracking the performance delivery versus best in class benchmark and proposal of corrective actions.

Business plan development for a start-up within the "media" industry.
Short term project 

  • Development and delivery of a global business plan covering 2010 – 2012 period.
  • Return on investment analysis for some new business propositions including scenario analysis. 
  • Delivery cash flow projection and projected need for funding to realize investment proposals.

Manage a Customer Services Centre dedicated to a limited number of multinational groups and organizations.
Long term project 

  • Development of a professional customer service organization.
  • Act as Single point of contact for customers nationally & internationally.  Foster the alignment at customer’s side. Objectives Belgium headquarters did not always match with objectives international headquarters in Europe or US.
  • Close some successful negotiations & implementations of agreed services with some large multinational companies and organizations.

Mentorship program within a professional services organization.
Short term project  

The main intent of the mentorship program was the transfer of knowledge and personal experiences managing professional service and man-day driven organizations (eg. cabinets with lawyers, accountancy & audit agencies, IT companies, ...). Being successful in such organizations requires a strict adherence and follow up on the performance and accurate time reporting of all people within the company.

  • Setting up an accurate and timely reporting of work delivered by all collaborators including KPI monitoring.
  • Implementing a standard billing process and underlying system.
  • Close follow up on collection of all outstanding sales invoices, managing properly the cash flow within the organization.

Counseling of a "start-up" active in the food industry, as member of an advisory board.
Short term project 

  • Review investment proposals including the underlying cost model.
  • Decision with respect to the move of the company. Multiple issues were faced such as the possibilities to extend production levels at the location in place at that particular moment, logistics domain and alternatives for a new plant. 
  • Investment was done, including the move to new production facilities.

Participation to a project team setting up a Shared Services Centre for Accounts Payable activities.
Short term project - personal participation limited to some subprojects.

  • Transfer European accounts payable activities world leading brewer to Shared Services Centre located in Eastern Europe.
  • Define transparency on "as is" procedures & processes as part of major project team. 
  • Build scenarios for future Shared Services Centre team members.

Setting up of a transparent organization for an ICT company, as member of the leadership team and accountable for Finance & Program Office team.
Long term project  

  • Meet budget expectations. IT organization has been outperforming budget expectations 3 years in a row. Favorable variance amounted to 12 mio Euro per annum.  The Executive Committee’s trust was gained.
  • Provide full transparency on Group IT spending. Full transparency was provided towards Business Units. A full cross charging process was put in place for all new development work.
  • Strengthen internal control mechanisms (chargeability of people, setting up key performance indicators & SMARTT target setting process).
  • Be an important role model and act as change facilitator.

From start up to a fully developed and strong growing international Business Unit within telecom sector, as member of the leadership team and accountable for Finance.
Long term project   

  • Develop from scratch a professional wholesale organization being the market leader in Belgium and top 10 worldwide. The unit became the second revenue growth engine for the Group reaching 750 mio EURO turnover by 2000 mainly from new business. Products & services were developed, markets were defined, and customers were attracted.
  • Develop a strong and professional Finance organization. The finance organization had grown over these years from 4 to 45 people. Controlling mechanisms had been put in place, billing operation and collection activities were built and professionalized.
  • Be an important role model for people and act as change facilitator.

Implementation of a professional billing and collection system.
Long term project  

  • Definition of consistent user requirements.
  • Negotiations with internal IT organization and the external supplier.
  • Lead end user acceptance testing and training of the users.
  • Successful implementation of the billing & collection system. Leading people though a major transition period under quite difficult circumstances.
  • Implement simultaneously a revenue assurance process meeting EXCO's expectations.

Setting up of a professional collection process and an accurate credit risk assessment process nationally and internationally.
Long term project   

  • Business evolved from bilateral friendly relations with traditional incumbents towards a fully open market characterized by heavy competition, new market players and tremendous chaos. National market did not exist and developed gradually. A leading collection process including full credit risk assessment had to be developed. 
  • Implementation of a credit risk assessment process with 2 external insurance companies.
  • Development internal process with sales organization. Convince sales force on the urgency for permanent monitoring in tempore non suspecto. The dotcom world did collapse only a few years later. No major losses occurred thanks to our proactive attitude contrary to some of our competitors
  •   A strong & independent finance team leading the whole collection process was brought on board

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